Where's Jim??

Here's some of the gigs I'm doing in 2016 but I'm slack at updating this and pretty much am somewhere every weekend so eyes peeled or drop me a message

 9th Sept, Opening, Student gig Edinburgh

 10th Sept, MC Wakefield 

 11th Sept, Closing Sunderland

16th Sept, MC Bury

!7th Sept TBC

23rd Sept, MC Bristol

24th Sept, Opening Stoke

30th sept Middle, Eastbourne

1st Oct TBC

6th Oct middle, Tamworth

7th Oct MC Skegness

8th Oct Middle Brighton

14th Oct TBC

15th Oct Solo Show Leeds

21st Oct MC Walsall

22nd Oct Opening Lincoln

Nov 2nd Solo Show Aberdeen

Nov 7th Solo Show Nottingham

Nov 11th Solo Show Hull

Nov 12th MC Mansfield

New gigs are always being added as soon as they are confirmed, for tickets to all pls contact the venue or promoter


I have been doing this comedy lark since March 2012 as a performer although I ran gigs from 2003 in little Otley upon the Chevin (google it its pretty)

I have managed to go all full time in January 2016 although my hand was forced a little by my boss being a douche (American insult version not a French shower) its actually worked out ok.

Many people say I have a likeable style and I can't afford to bribe such compiments so they must be true, other nicey nice things are said too but I will not bore you.

I have an energetic approach to my funnies and I like to tell stories as well as deliver the odd joke and sometimes show my misanthropic moaning Yorkshireman side. 

This year has been great getting some work with big weekend clubs although can't help but think Jongluers only came in for me as they had run out of acts to annoy! (comedy in joke there)

Come see me, some gigs I'm doing are listed across the page and a bit about the solo show is below.

I have a lot of MC work coming up but also close smaller gigs and open in some of the biggest clubs in the country, not a humble brag just a fact. find me tweeting @jimbayes or facebooking Jim Bayes (my profile is the one that looks like me)

Below (at the bottom) are some things I've won because websites need that stuff for some kind of validity.

Light Metal

My 2nd solo show Pure Jim evolved into this show which I'm dead proud of, its 50 mins of the kind of comedy I wanted to do when I began but didn't have the skills... I mean some say I still don't but (insert reveal about this actually being a parent)

Link for tickets is on the page Light Metal, click top right

Please do come see the show, next date is 

Leeds on Oct 15th 


Aberdeen Comedy festival Nov 2nd 

Nottingham Comedy festival Nov 7th

Hull Comedy Festival Nov 11th



Awards and Finals

Winner Funny Scunny 2015

Winner World of comedy MVC 2014

Winner Comedy roast new act Leeds 2013

Runner up Hallam FM Grand Comedy Howler 2013

Winner Yorkshire New act of the year 2013

Roadhouse road to Glastonbudget winner 2012

Runner up Yorkshire new act of the year, Stage fright comedy 2012


Mr Bens New act of the Year 2012

Burscough's got talent best new acts 2012 (Cabaret)